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"How to Increase Your Semen in Less Than a Month"

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Increasing your ejaculate volume is easier than you might think.  This is a common issue that has been extensively researched over the past 10+ years as men's fertility rates and semen volume have steadily declined.  More than ever before, men are seeking to increase their semen production.


You have the ability to:

  • increase your semen volume

  • release with more power

  • raise your sperm count and fertility rate

  • produce more pre-cum

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"Can Food Have An Impact On Sperm Production?"


Absolutely, foods and diet definitely impact your semen production rate.  However, although countless medical studies have revealed sperm boosting foods and herbs, it's not easy to increase semen volume just by eating certain foods. Many men have found that the best way to increase their sperm volume is by taking a medically approved, specially formulated sperm pill.



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Understanding what seminal fluid is, and how it's produced, is important for men who would like to increase their output.


For instance, if you want to increase your semen volume you can simply abstain from sexual activity for an extended period of time (1-3 weeks).  Abstaining will almost always result in bigger ejaculations.  Understandably, most guys aren't too eager to take this route.


On the other hand if you and your wife are trying to get pregnant, you'll need to increase your sperm cell health and production.  You can start by doing certain things that have been proven to increase fertility and sperm count.  Simple things like wearing looser clothing (boxers instead of briefs) can lower the temperature around your testes, as heat is one thing that is well known to slow down sperm production.


Overall, we recommend eating healthy foods, keeping well hydrated, and taking a daily vitamin...or even better, a supplement formulated for sperm production.  You should definitely consider speaking with your doctor if you suspect you have male fertility problems.



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