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"What Is Semen Made Of?"

The Ingredients Of Semen


  Semen is a renewable resource.  Men's bodies are constantly working at producing sperm and semen, storing it up for "the right time".  The easiest way to understand what male ejaculate is made of, is to understand where each of the components are produced in the body.



Sperm Cells In Seminal Fluid


  Although the terms "sperm" and "semen" are frequently interchanged, the two are not the same.  Sperm cells are the individual single cells that swim up the ovaries and fertilize the egg for pregnancy.  Semen by definition is the fluid ejaculated from a male, which includes the sperm cells as well as a number of other components.


Typical sperm cell numbers per ejaculation should range from 200 million to 500 million.  Typical volume of semen per ejaculation ranges from 3/4 teaspoon to 1 full tablespoon (2-15 mL).

Sperm cells in seminal fluid approaching the egg



Where And How Is Semen Produced In The Body?


  Contrary to popular belief, semen is not produced entirely in the testes.  The testes are dedicated to constantly producing millions of sperm cells, as well as a few other functions.  Mature sperm cells are moved from testes into the ampulla, where the are safely stored until ejaculation.  Seminal fluid itself is not produced directly in the testes, but in a number of different places.


First, the seminal vesicles produce a think white secretion rich in sugars, mostly fructose to fuel the sperm cells on their journey to the egg.  This secretion is what composes the bulk of semen by volume (50-80%).


Healthy semen will mean better chances at conceiving

The prostate gland is a small donut shaped organ that also contributes to seminal fluid.  It secretes an alkaline solution to combat the acidic fluids found inside a vagina, to help sperm cells in the foreign environment.  This fluid accounts for roughly one third of the volume of seminal fluid.


Last to contribute to the seminal fluid is the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands.  These small glands secrete a (mucus based) lubrication prior to ejaculation, known as precum or pre-cum.  The purpose of this fluid is to provide sexual activity with a natural lubricant, of which both males and females secrete their own.



What Are The Ingredients Of Semen?


  Very simply put, seminal fluid is mostly comprised of water, proteins, and sugars.  There are of course many other components, such as minerals, vitamins, and various other micronutrients.


If you're looking to increase your semen production, often it's easiest to find any limiting factors that might be hindering healthy semen production.  Constant dehydration could be a restricting factor for healthy semen production.  A lack of nutrients such as Zinc or a vitamin deficiency might hinder proper sperm development.  More often than not, the reason for low ejaculate volume is from poor nutrition.


Taking a daily multivitamin, eating properly, and taking a medically approved semen pill such as VolumePills will go a long way to ensure you're providing your body with enough of every nutrient necessary for healthy semen and sperm production.



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