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How To Test Your Sperm Count


Your sperm count (and overall fertility) pretty much the first thing that will be called into question when a couple is having trouble conceiving.  Getting your sperm count tested is necessary to find out if you're fertile enough to get your partner pregnant is easy and very important.  Otherwise you may be wasting your time and efforts.



Fertility Testing & Options


First, some facts about sperm counts and fertility.  In order for a man to be considered "fertile" enough for conception, you need to satisfy certain criteria:


  • at least 20 million sperm cells per mL of ejaculate

  • there must be enough volume of seminal fluid upon ejaculation

  • the sperm cells must be "motile" and healthy


In order to have a fully comprehensive test for all of these factors, you'll need to see a fertility specialist doctor.  Knowing if you're fertile or not is imperative for your potential pregnancy.



Clinical Male Fertility Testing vs. "Home Sperm Count Test"


There are now a few home fertility tests available for men, but they're not as comprehensive as a clinical test by a fertility doctor.

Clinical semen specimen bottle for fertility testing


When you visit a fertility doctor, they will ask you to ejaculate into a specimen bottle.  They do a full fertility test on your specimen - testing your sperm count, motility, and a few other factors.  They will be able to tell you if your ejaculate has a healthy overall composition in order to impregnate your partner.  A home test is not as comprehensive, but is still helpful in it's own way.


A home sperm count test for men will not tell you if your sperm cells are healthy, or how motile they are.  What it can tell you is if you have enough sperm cells per mL of your ejaculate.  This is the #1 factor in male fertility, so the best way to look at a home fertility test for men is as an elimination test.  If you can't pass the sperm cell count test at home, you need to see a fertility doctor.


Passing a sperm count test at home does NOT guarantee that you're fertile enough.  It simply can't test all of the different factors that go into male fertility.  It CAN however tell you if you don't have enough sperm cells.  (Take the time to understand this: you may have enough sperm cells to pass the home test, but your cells might not be motile enough to swim up to the egg - passing the test at home is NOT A GUARANTEE OF FERTILITY.)



Where Can I Buy A Home Fertility Test Kit For Men?

"Can I Buy One Online?"


We've found only one reputable male home fertility test kit, manufactured by a British company called "BabyStart".  BabyStart specializes in fertility products, as their name suggests.  TheFertilMARQ sperm count testy manufacture and sell the only FDA approved home sperm count test kits available to men.


We've found a few different places to buy their kit(s), called FertilMARQ, including straight from their own website.  Without us placing any orders, we are hesitant to recommend any other website other than direct from the manufacturer at


Please remember that while their test will tell you if you have enough sperm cells per mL of ejaculate (your sperm count), it is no guarantee of having impeccable fertility.  It should be used as a guideline, and if you fail the test you need to see a male fertility specialist (doctor).




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