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"How Do I Get Big Cumshots Like Pornstars?"

Pornstars Often Use Semen Pills


You've seen those massive cumshots in porn movies.  You're often left wondering if it's a real image, or if the producer somehow managed to digitally "improve" the volume of semen that comes blasting out of the well-endowed male actor.  Those cum shots are 100% real, and they are attainable by you too.


In order to shoot cum like a pornstar, you'll need to increase your overall semen production.  Doing simple things like staying well-hydrated and eating lots of semen producing foods will help you, but if you really want to shoot bigger cumshots you need to look into a sperm pill like VolumePills.



Shoot Cum Farther, With More Power


One of the ways pornstars shoot bigger cumshots is by abstaining (from orgasms) for a week or longer.  This gives your body some time to produce and store some extra semen.  When you finally do release, your next cumshot will be a little more explosive thanks to the build up.


Another technique that can help you attain those pornstar like cumshots is edging.  To "edge" is to hover right on the line between almost releasing your cumshot and just holding it off.  By barely holding your orgasm off for 15 minutes or more, your seminal ducts engorge themselves with more of the seminal fluids that are waiting for release.


Although these two tips can increase your cumshot volume a bit, if you really want to shoot like a pornstar you need to think about taking a cumshot supplement VolumePills is the best available, and is very popular among male pornstars for producing huge cumshots.





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Why Do Pornstars Use Cumshot Pills?


The fact is that many male pornstars these days take some form of penis pills to increase their performance.  It's very common for male pornstars to take Viagra prior to their photo shoot, just in case of stage fright or a weak erection during any point of their performance.  Likewise, a growing number have switched to natural ED products like VigRx or VigRX Plus, of which many porn actors (ie. Ron Jeremy) prefer over Viagra.


Just as there is a wide selection of erection pills, sperm pills are becoming increasingly popular with pornstars.  Products like VolumePills, Semenax and MaximumPills ensure actors will release a powerful, impressive cumshot for the camera.  There are many rumors that pornstar Peter North uses Semenax, and it's well known he used to be a spokesman for


Two of the most popular names (Ron Jeremy, Peter North) in porn use some form of penis enhancement for their performances.  Many male performers would never admit to using semen pills, Viagra, VigRx, or any other performance enhancer, but industry insiders always tell a different story.  Tell me this: if you needed to rely on a big powerful cumshot for your pornstar career, wouldn't you do everything you possibly could in order to shoot huge loads?  Order VolumePills today, you will be impressed.



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