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"What Herbs Will Boost Semen Production?"

Herbs For Producing More Sperm and Ejaculate


People from all over the world have relied on herbs for curing ailments for many centuries.  Sexual problems are no different.  Civilizations from every continent have uncovered numerous plants and herbs that boost sexual desire, increase testosterone, and even help you produce more sperm.



Best Herbs And Plants For Male Sexual Health


This is a short list of herbs and plants that should help you attain stronger ejaculations, as well as better overall sexual health.  Some are effective at boosting testosterone, while others will help increase sperm count, and others can help raise semen volume levels:

  • * Maca - increases semen production, well known to boost libido in both sexes.

  • * Tribulus Terrestis - a well known aphrodisiac, some studies have even hinted at an increased testosterone level.

  • * Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum) - increases sperm cell production, common aphrodisiac.  Known to help with impotence and erectile difficulty (ED).

  • Cranberries - prevent urinary tract infections, great for both males and females.  If you're going to drink cranberry juice, get the "real" juice, not the tasty "Cocktail" stuff.

  • Saw Palmetto - very good for the prostate, found worldwide.

  • * Shatarvi (Tian Men Dong) - from Traditional Chinese Medicine recommended for ED and impotence problems.

  • Yohimbe - aphrodisiac, but considered unsafe for consumption, yohimbe can unexpectedly increase your heart rate.  Although the risk may be low, it is still a risk.

  • * Sarsaparilla - studies show increased testosterone and progesterone levels.

  • * Muira Puama or Murapuama - well known aphrodisiac from Brazil.  Helpful with ED and impotence, also gives firmer erections.

  • * Cordyceps (Dong Chong Xia Cao) - used in Chinese Medicine for centuries as a libido booster.  Also lowers blood pressure and improves sleep.

  • Ginko Biloba - best known for it's "brain-boosting" power, Ginko Biloba has been rumored to increase libido in both sexes.  Also increases blood flow throughout the body.

  • Cardamom - aphrodisiac has been used for centuries, still remains largely unproven.

  • * Ku Gua - increases testosterone levels.  Also well documented in helping ease diabetes.

  • * Xian Mao - used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine as a safe aphrodisiac and hormone stimulant.

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*this page of semen increasing herbs is updated on a regular basis as more information comes available.  Bookmark it today and check back often to see more foods and their effect on semen production.


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