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Does Penis Jelqing For Size Actually Work?

Ancient Technique Is Effective But Time Consuming


For guys on a budget, jelqing is an efficient penis enlargement method.  By forcing more blood into a flaccid penis you will essentially stretch the tissues, allowing for stronger erections as well as a larger penis.


Jelqing "OK" technique pic

Jelqing "OK" technique


How Does Jelqing Work?


It's quite simple.  Imagine a steam roller driving over a balloon.  As the air is forced into the opposite side of the balloon, it expands and stretches.


This is the same principle involved in jelqing - you force blood through your penis to stretch the fibers and tissues, making room for more blood during erections.  After time (months) you should be able to see noticeable results.


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Typical Jelqing Technique

  1. lubricate your penis and hand(s)

  2. with the palm of your left hand facing towards you, make an "OK" symbol and grasp the base of your flaccid penis (firmly) in the circle made by your thumb and index finger

  3. with your right hand, make the same "OK" symbol

  4. with the palm of your right hand facing away from you, slowly start "milking" your penis, forcing blood from the base, through the shaft, to the head*

  5. continue this for at least a half hour every day, preferably a full hour


Remember, your penis must be in a semi-flaccid to flaccid state.  Jelqing will NOT work with an erection.  The fibers and tissues in your penis must be limber enough to stretch and contract as blood is forced through the shaft.


It's also a good idea to wrap your penis (not your testes though!) in a warm wet washcloth for 5-10 minutes before you jelq.  The heat from the cloth will draw more blood into your penis, allowing the exercises to be more effective.  The heat will also serve as a "warm-up" for the tissues in your penis, much like an athlete will warm-up before they work out full strength.


* Avoid using too much pressure while forcing blood into the head of your penis, especially when starting out.  You will find your own comfort level as you gain more experience.  Remember, this is going to be a long term (6 months+) project, so don't expect to see results overnight.


"I Don't Get It, Why Isn't Jelqing Common Practice?"


Jelqing is a centuries old technique, believed to have started in Sudanese Arab culture.  Young boys were taught to perform a technique similar to jelqing from the time they started puberty - and they were able to successfully enlarge their penises well over 10" on a regular basis!


The reality is that although jelqing can add inches to your penis, it's difficult for most guys to commit an hour of every day to to finding success.  Although it's one of the safest methods of penis enlargement, jelqing is considered too time consuming to be practical.


That is probably why jelqing has never become an extremely well known 'secret.'  It works, but only if you spend countless hours committed to it.

Jelqing takes a lot of time

"What Are My Best Options If I Really Want A Bigger Penis?"


You have a number of options other than jelqing for growing your manhood.  They're all good options, or else we wouldn't be listing them here.  Our personal preference are the enlargement pills, but their price can be restrictive to some...however they work like you wouldn't believe.


1 - Jelqing: Penis Exercise and Jelq Websites (membership required)


2 - Best Enlargement Pills


3 - Penile Extenders & Devices


Jelqing is great because it's free, but it takes a long time to see any results.  Enlargement pills are very effective, however they can be too expensive for some.  Extenders are also effective, but are expensive and can be a nuisance to wear.  It's your choice - they're all good options for a bigger penis.


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