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The Male Pubococcygeus Muscle

A Strong PC Muscle Has Many Sexual Benefits

The benefits of a strong PC muscle include:

  • better orgasms – stronger PC muscle, stronger orgasmic contractions
  • increase the distance you can “shoot” your semen load
  • control your orgasms – never have to worry about premature ejaculation
  • control your erection – make your penis “bounce” up and down
  • improved urinary health & control


What is it? An Overview of the PC Muscle

Your PC muscle contracts and relaxes while you’re having an orgasm – it is a big part of why orgasms feel so good.

Everyone has a PC muscle – both men and women. It’s the superstar muscle in a group of perineal muscles that act as a soft floor that supports your bladder, prostate gland, and other pelvic organs. The structure resembles the shape of a hammock, stretching from your pubic bone in the front to the tailbone (coccyx) in the back. One of the primary functions of the PC muscle is to control urine flow. If you can slow down (or stop) your urine flow when you’re peeing, you’ve just ‘flexed’ your PC muscle.

While the PC muscle often seems to be the primary focus of attention, it is one muscle in a group that will all benefit from proper Kegel exercises. Often sources will refer to the PC muscle as the only muscle that matters, or refer to it as the PC muscles (plural). For men, a proper Kegel exercise routine will strengthen a group of muscles including the pubococcygeus muscle (PC), ileococcygeus muscle, ischiocavernous muscle, and the bulbospongiosus (bulbocavernous) muscle. To keep things simple, all you need to know is how to locate your PC muscle and we’ll go from there.

How To Locate Your PC Muscle

The easiest way to find your PC muscle is to try to stop urinating mid-flow. When you stop your urination in mid-stream, you’re flexing your PC muscle – that’s it. Control of urination is one of the primary things that the PC muscle is needed for. It can be difficult in the beginning to isolate your PC without the urinating trick, but try not to make a habit of this practice as it can potentially lead to problems such as urinary tract infections.

“Will Stronger PC Muscles Help Me Ejaculate Farther?”

During the climax of an orgasm your PC muscle and other muscles rhythmically contract and relax. It is this contracting/relaxing of your prostate, perineal muscles (the PC muscle is in this group), and bulbospongiosus muscles at the base of the penis shaft that propel semen from your body.

By strengthening the muscles involved in an orgasm, you can expect stronger ejaculations. And with stronger orgasm muscles, your orgasms will also feel better. The PC muscle may only be one part of the ejaculatory system, but it is a major part. In fact it’s not uncommon for male porn actors to perform PC strengthening exercises called Kegels on a regular basis in order to ensure their ejaculations distances (aka “cumshots” or “moneyshots”) are as impressive as possible.

It should be noted that although you can increase the power of your ejaculation with PC exercises, you will not increase your semen volume by exercising your pubococcygeus. The PC muscle has nothing to do with increasing semen volume.

Strengthening Your PC Muscle With Kegel Exercises for Men

So now we’re down to the good stuff….learning how to make your PC muscle stronger for better orgasms and increased shooting power. The concept of Kegels is simple – find/locate your PC muscle, and learn how to contract and relax it….much like working-out any other muscle in your body. These exercises are simple to do and you can perform them throughout your day: anyplace, anytime. Nobody around you will be able to tell that you’re exercising your orgasm muscles, so you can perform them whenever it’s convenient. You can even be doing your PC workout routine while you’re sitting at your desk at work, or standing waiting for the bus, or watching television.

We should probably pay a quick tribute to the man who discovered these techniques – Dr. Arnold Kegel. Dr. Kegel was a hard working gynaecologist in the early 1900’s who was responsible for a small number of medical inventions, but his most notable legacy is what we know as Kegel exercises for men and women. Thanks Dr. Kegel!

Women are often told to do Kegels by their doctor/gynaecologist, usually for any number of health reasons…however, most men who perform PC exercises do them purely for sexual reasons. Men can benefit from Kegels in the form of better orgasms, better control of premature ejaculation, and an increased ability to “shoot” your semen load farther upon release.

We have compiled a collection of the most effective Kegel exercises for men here.