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“Learn How To Control Premature Ejaculation”

By far, the most common sexual dysfunction among men (especially younger men) is premature ejaculation. Although some guys have total control over their orgasms, many do not, which can lead to some extremely embarrassing situations (especially when you’re in a new relationship). It’s been estimated that over one third of all men have experienced a premature ejaculation problem.

Premature ejaculation problems can lead to a lack of sexual confidence, which in turn leaves many men with no confidence at all. It’s a bigger problem than you might want to admit, but if you’re struggling with losing of control of your orgasms you’re not enjoying sex nearly as much as you should be. If you’ve ever cum too quickly, you know the sensation all too well.

“What Causes Premature Ejaculation?”

Premature orgasm is believed to be a remnant of human evolution. Scientific researchers have come to the conclusion that for thousands of years, quick impregnation was always safer than long sexual encounters.

Unsatisfied woman imageThe theory behind it is that the more time a man was busy impregnating his mate, the more susceptible they were to a surprise attack from an animal. In essence, it was probably unsafe to have sex for hours on end considering they were constantly being hunted.

So, essentially we have been bred to ejaculate quickly for our own physical safety. Nowadays, as evolution has put mankind in safer dwellings and a warm bed, the desire to hold an orgasm has grown…but only some guys manage to control themselves, while others seem to lose control every time.

“I Can’t Control My Ejaculation Timing, What Can I Do?”

If you want to be able to hold back your orgasms on demand and actually prevent premature ejaculation, there are a few things you can try. Some guys find success with plain old practice, either by themselves (masturbating) or with their partner. Exercising your PC muscle can be a very effective method to gaining control.

You CAN Last Longer in Bed

Some guys can last forever and go on and on for hours, while other guys orgasm prematurely almost immediately after penetration. You should always expect the most out of yourself, as it benefits both you and the enjoyment of your partner.

Struggling with an ejaculation control issue is a common problem among men, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary for you to suffer from premature ejaculation. Learning how to control your orgasm is possible.